Peppino's artisanal gelato

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We are passionate sweet toothers

Welcome to Peppino's Artisanal Gelato, the name you might have heard about through the grapevines of the Dubrovnik and Neretva county. The rumours are true, we do serve everyone who sets foot into our scoop shops and greets us with a smile as wide as our gelato coolers – we know how to spot fellow sweet toothers! Takes one to know one, after all.


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At Peppino’s scoop shops we serve ice-cold desserts that blow everyone’s mind. How is that possible? you might ask. It’s because we learnt the difference between ice-cream and gelato. And after that – we never wanted to taste regular ice-cream again.

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Best gelato in town

There, we said it! But you said it first! Here’s what you love about us…

Best ice cream in Dubrovnik! Just turn from main street and you’ll discover the biggest variety of extremely delicious ice cream. Orange Cheesecake after the breakfast? Pistachio Marzipan Mozart for cloudless weather? Or refreshing Lemon Sorbet after dinner? It’s very difficult to make up your mind! Highly recommend!

Valeriia Z.
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We are gelato lovers but maaaaan…this one at PEPPINO’S in old town Dubrovnik really kicked everyone else’s ass! We bought Pistachio and Hazelnut flavours and oh my god they were amazing! Small chunks of pistachio and hazelnut inside, suuuper creamy and smooth… what can I say more… My mouth is drooling as I write this – I think I’m gonna head back there and order another one. Prices are very, very ok and staff was very friendly. They even have a bunch of superb cactuses inside (we are plant lovers also). So guys, if you want to taste something amazing, go grab some scoops at Peppino’s and your whole ice cream experience will change!

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Not just the best ice cream in Dubrovnik. The best ice cream I ever ate.

Izabele S. 
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Aimlessly strolling around town in search for a new gelato experience? Our scoop shops are just around the corner, serving the best, creamiest gelatos with generous chunks, swirls and waffle cones your tastebuds will ever try.