Do you know the difference between ice-cream and real gelato?

Gelato is not just the Italian word for ice-cream! There’s a difference between the two that can be easily tasted! So, if you’re a true gelato connossieur, you should know that…

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Ice-cream feels very light and airy, while gelato is much more dense and creamy due to a slower churning process. Slower “milk shaking” means it gets less air packed into its texure and the results are extra yummy!

Weird, but true: gelato contains less fat than ice-cream! This obviously makes it practically healthy.

Gelato is served at a slightly warmer temperature than ice-cream, which helps us taste the full richness of its flavour. Some people can't handle that! Can you?

peppino's Scoopable flavours


Making great gelato is no joke! That's why we make ours creamy, flavourful and old-school. We serve all the classic flavours you are used to, plus a bit of modern day fruit & nuts combinations to excite your tasting palette.


Are you an "all-fruit-everything" type of person that enjoys a zestier flavour or you're just better off avoiding milk? Peppino's got you covered with fruit sorbets that are equally yummy while also less heavy on the tummy.

all peppino's sorbets are dairy-free and vegan

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Peppino’s Finest is a hand-picked selection of premium quality, homemade and extra creamy gelatos full of rich, natural flavour that will leave no confectionery lover unimpressed

Conveniently served jar of ice-cold, yet soft artisanal gelato, available at our scoop shops as a handy option to bring home to your family, or to enjoy it at selected cafe and restaurant venues. Now available in 3 finest flavours with no artificial colouring but plenty of creamy swirls!

Peppino's Finest
Coconut Dream


This coconutty and creamy artisanal gelato will knock your shoes off and make you feel like you’re barefoot on a tropical beach. Is it a dream, or is it just Peppino’s?

Peppino's Finest
Pistachio Delight


We present you Peppino’s all time favourite, the Rolls-Royce among premium artisanal gelatos – Pistachio Delight! Packed with nutty flavour we adore and zero artificial colouring – this pistachio gelato is like no other you can find.

Peppino's Finest
Hazelnut Heaven


Aaaah, so you’re a hazelnut gelato fan? So are we at Peppino’s, which is exactly why one of our finest flavours got elevated in a gelato jar filled with nostalgia and sprinkled with heavenly aroma.

Ready for gelato?